New Alumni Testimonials


“The most beneficial form of intervention I’ve ever experienced” BS


“Art is a wonderful way to bring people together in an easier way than just talking.”


“The biggest experience of humanity that I’ve ever seen. ” B


“I can keep using art to deal with my trauma.

The more ways I have to do that, the better I can relate, and integrate and see different parts of myself.” TC


“Wow!  I knew in a theoretical way that I could love and care for other people and they could me. 

But now, the real feeling from real people, the knowledge that it’s true, I’ll have forever.’


“I was allowed to choose not to participate in the art activity. 

For the first time ever, I had a choice.  I could just watch.”


“I’d been shielding my feelings forever, but the tight bond of all these fine people helped us to be more genuine. “ D


“The energy shifted when Bill promised ‘no judgment’.  He meant it, and all the staff delivered on that”. D


“With the men and women talking together, this helped me understand the trauma of men”. BS


“In the Retreat, it’s good that men and women are together. 

Usually nobody wants to hear about sex abuse, but women need to tell their stories, too.” TC


“I’m now less alone.  I know better now how to connect with people.  And I connect better with myself” TC


“In PTSD, the goal is to get un-stuck, to take us back to where we started before. 

But most us us die before we get fixed.” TC


“These experts do this retreat as VOLUNTEERS! They give up work and family for us! 

Who in my life as ever done this much for me? Nobody!”


“Now I know that the mind, body, and spirit must be dealt with in a combined way, all together. “


“This total taking care of us felt like what the military promised, but has never delivered.”


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Images by Hamilton Studio