All-Volunteer Leadership 2015


Retreat Facilitators

Paula Griffin, Director

Mary DeLateur

Lila Deilke

Laura Huddleston

Joe Jencks

Jason Kamora

Curley Lawson

Bill Miller

Marcus Munro

Bill Priftis


Healing Professionals Advisory Council

Lila Deilke, LMHC

Bill Priftis * CH

Bill Miller * DMin BCC

Mary DeLateur, LICSW

Laura Huddleston, LICSW

Kathleen Weber, MD PhD

Judith Gorman, MSW

Annie Combelic, LMT

Gregory Loewen, MD

* veterans


Veterans Advisory Council

Ray Cocks, Army

Harvey Moses, Army, Colville Tribes

Joe Niemiec, USMC

Larry Shook, Army 



Management & Support Services

John Hancock, Executive Director

Community Building Foundation, Fiscal Agent

Gordon Milbrandt, Treasurer

Desautel Hege, Public Relations

Hamilton Studios, visual media and website management

Bill Miller, Graphic Design

Joe Niemiec, Retreat production support

Laura Huddleston, Volunteerism

Sherry Yost & Larry Ellingson, art curators

Lyle Twedt, transportation

Brenden Biele, Technical Director, the Welcome

Unitarian Universalist Church, Welcome host venue

Immaculate Heart Retreat Center


Committee for Continued Veteran Support

Lila Deilke

Mary DeLateur

Paula Griffin

Laura Huddleston

Joe & Toni Niemiec


“These experts do this retreat as VOLUNTEERS! They give up work and family for us!  Who in my life as ever done this much for me? Nobody!”

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Images by Hamilton Studio