Our Approach

  • At no cost to all vets

  • Residential retreat setting over 5 days

  • For severe isolating PTSD & MST, but no required diagnosis 

  • Serving both men and women together

  • Serving both combat and support personnel

  • Creative artistic truth-telling 

  • Psychological, spiritual, and physiological approaches

  • Exploring the moral injury aspect of PTSD

  • The talking circle way of group sharing and peer support

  • Diversity among the facilitators

  • Focus on individual needs 

  • Staff/vet ratio of at least 1:2

  • Individual and group follow-up referrals after the Retreat

  • Supportive public gathering of listeners: The Welcome

  • All-volunteer organization

  • Leadership combination of vets, healing professionals, and laypeople

  • Grass-roots community project

  • Variety of funding sources

  • Proactive approach to community awareness of PTSD

  • Committed to innovative ideas and approaches

“The most beneficial form of intervention I’ve ever experienced” 

"Now I get in the "zone" without drugs."

© 2020 Warriors Heart to Art

Images by Hamilton Studio