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Walk a Mile in MY Shoes



Shoes become the canvas for personal storytelling about experiences in the military.


Photography (c) Hamilton Studio

Shoes provided by Goodwill Industries

My Brain on PTSD



"This is what it feels like inside my head." 


Photography (c) Hamilton Studio


This storytelling exercise invites veterans to reflect on their experiences of leaving home, life in the military, and coming home.



Mapping the Military Experience



Poetry and Written Word



In the Healing Retreat circle of vets and facilitators, written stories often release emotions that are hard to speak.

Joe Jencks, the singer/songwriter facilitator, wrote a song based on the military experiences of the veterans.

Music created in the 2015 Retreat



One Piece at a Time - Joe Jencks
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One Piece at a Time (c) 2014 Joe Jencks - Turtle Bear Music, ASCAP



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Images by Hamilton Studio