Warriors Heart to Art has been a Spokane-based all-volunteer organization helping veterans understand and address their trauma,

using the creative arts.


WHTA announces the closing of our doors and the dissolution of our non-profit 501(c)3 as of May 31st 2020.

We offer a salute to honor each of our

participants, volunteers, and donors.

The work between veterans and the civilian community to which they are returning is not over. The need continues to evolve as the high number of veterans who take their own lives upon their return home persists. Death by suicide due to the wounds of war, at the rate of 22 men and women per day, continues.  The mission continues.

WHTA remaining funds as directed by our Articles of Incorporation are transferred to 
Spokane’s Community Building Foundation.

Under a special “seeding” arrangement, as consistent with CBF’s funding guidelines, we have established a time-limited grant application opportunity specifically for local Veteran Programs for funding uses consistent with our mission of assisting veterans and their families with Post Traumatic Stress.

All grant applications for program funds must be submitted no later than November 1, 2020. 

Attention: Executive Director Katy Sheehan via email.

In Gratitude and Blessing for the opportunity to serve and Hope for the future...we close our organizational doors...while The Work continues.


The Warriors Heart to Art Board of Directors and Staff


A Soldier's Journal


Orrin’s Journal, written in real time from the night before leaving for boot camp at age 18, continuing throughout his deployment year in Afghanistan and up until just prior to his death 3 years after discharge.


"...a powerfully piercing book...sticks to your soul and walks with you."


Spokesman Review Article


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Images by Hamilton Studio