Suzanne Williams, RN, LICSW

Vietnam Veteran/ Retreat Facilitator


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Images by Hamilton Studio

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Warriors Heart to Art is a Spokane-based

all-volunteer organization helping veterans understand and address their trauma, using the creative arts.


A Retreat for Veterans with PTSD

Offering a 5-Day healing retreat

  • In a quiet, peaceful, and safe rural atmosphere just outside of Spokane

  • Get to know, listen to, and support eachother

  • Create, share, and process personal stories

  • Includes education about trauma and brain function

  • Use expressive ways of paintings, poems, and songs to share your story

  • Not a religious or political program

  • Sponsored by donors

Seeking 20 Spokane-area vets

  • All ages, all conflicts

  • Men and women

  • PTSD/MST symptoms which impede a healthy lifestyle

  • With serious desire for healing

  • No hoops or required documentation

  • No need for prior creative experience or skill

Warriors Heart to Art is an all-volunteer Spokane-based non-profit organization helping Spokane-area veterans heal from PTSD using creative arts to tell their stories, and helping the public understand military trauma. We help vets reconnect with themselves and their community.


A Soldier's Journal


Orrin’s Journal, written in real time from the night before leaving for boot camp at age 18, continuing throughout his deployment year in Afghanistan and up until just prior to his death 3 years after discharge.


"...a powerfully piercing book...sticks to your soul and walks with you."


Spokesman Review Article